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USAFSAM - Academic Development Division

Mission: To support the Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine by providing Level 1 through Level 3 interactive eLearning courses, instructional systems design, information technology, multimedia, and subject matter expertise to both in-house and contractor supported courseware development.

Vision: To be the leader of industry-standard courseware design and development by creating sustainable blended learning products essential to a better, safer, and healthier Air Force.

ADL Leadership

Mr. Pat Hannon is Chief, Academic Development Division, Office of the Dean, USAF School of Aerospace Medicine, and is responsible for executing the USAFSAM distributed learning initiatives.

About Our Division

USAFSAM Academic Development Division creates and maintains distributed learning technical training courses that are interactive and electronically delivered. These products can be presented as standalone self-paced courses, technical inserts, instructor-led presentations, or programs to support on-the-job training. They can be used individually or in combination with each other to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of instruction and promote learning.

eLearning Courses

ADL provides Level 1 through Level 3 interactive eLearning courses that students can complete virtually at their duty locations, while on temporary duty, or from home to reduce TDY-to-School expenditures and student time away from home station.

Multimedia Development

USAFSAM Academic Development Division creates eLearning courseware and classroom technical inserts using state-of-the-art development methods, multimedia tools, and instructional techniques. ADL provides instructors with a variety of options to match varied levels of learning, learning styles, and target populations. Students gain from a modern, media-rich learning environment that may include high-definition audio/video, animations, 3D virtual environments, and interactive scenarios.

Contact Information

Advanced Distributed Learning
2510 Fifth Street, Area B, Bldg 840, Rm 423
Wright-Patterson AFB, OH 45433-7913

Division Chief DSN: 798-2969, Comm: (937) 938-2969
Instructional System Specialist DSN: 798-2818, Comm: (937) 938-2818
Multimedia Instructional Systems Specialist DSN: 798-2815, Comm: (937) 938-2815
Senior Instructional Systems Designer DSN: 798-3048, Comm: (937) 938-3048
Web Developer/Web Based Training Developer DSN: 798-3056, Comm: (937) 938-3056
Graphics and Media Production Specialist DSN: 798-2816, Comm: (937) 938-2816
Multimedia Audio Visual Support Specialist DSN: 798-2770, Comm: (937) 938-2770