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USAFSAM - Academic Evaluations Division

Mission: To support internal and external customers of the United States Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine in course development, revision, management, and evaluation of more than 80 courses to ensure highly qualified graduates required by the field.

Vision: To promote and provide continuous improvement of education through the Instructional System Development (ISD) process in a collaborative, evolving environment.

Academic Affairs Leadership
Mr. Dana S. Truesdell is Chief, Academic Evaluations Division, Office of the Dean, USAF School of Aerospace Medicine. Mr. Truesdell is responsible to develop, revise, and manage in-residence education courses, implement academic-related policies, direct and implement student measurement and evaluation strategies to promote high-quality and effective education, and execute the faculty qualification and evaluation programs. In addition, he complies with all Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) requirements for affiliated schools.

About Our Division

The primary function of the Academic Evaluations Division is to provide direction and quality assurance for the analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation of all USAFSAM courses. We analyze the effectiveness of academic programs through the execution of the USAFSAM Training Evaluation program, manage the school's Testing program, implement the Faculty Development program, and comply with the CCAF affiliation requirements.

Course Development and Management Branch

The Instructional Systems Specialists (ISSs) develop, revise, and manage in-residence courses in accordance with Air Force and local guidance. The ISSs coordinate on new course and course change requests, prepare course control documents, coordinate on student instructional materials and the student measurement plan, and develop the course validation plan. Each ISS maintains official Course Record Sets, and, in collaboration with course directors, writes accurate USAFSAM Education and Training Course Announcements. ISSs actively participate in training-related conferences, such as the Utilization and Training Workshops, which establish requirements to develop or revise training. To improve curriculum and training, the ISSs analyze feedback from internal and external USAFSAM customers.

Evaluations and Testing Branch

The Evaluations and Testing Branch establishes the overall policy for the USAFSAM Training Evaluation program and analyzes the effectiveness of academic programs. The team administers all aspects of the USAFSAM Internal and External Feedback programs. They oversee USAFSAM instructors to safeguard and improve the quality of instruction delivered to students and promote learning.

Testing Technicians administer written measurement items, and serve as a liaison for the testing laboratories. They administer Subject Matter Tests for the USAFSAM instructor cadre. In addition, they maintain test integrity through various security measures and accountability procedures.

Faculty Development

In collaboration with the Faculty Development and Training Division, the Academic Affairs Division administers the Faculty Development program, which consists of formal and informal courses, and developmental seminars designed to enhance an instructor's proficiency in the classroom. In addition, they oversee new instructor orientation, USAFSAM and CCAF Internships, and faculty advancement.

Community College of the Air Force

The CCAF is a multi-campus, federally chartered institution. CCAF awards the associate in applied science degree as part of Air University, which is accredited through the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. USAFSAM is a CCAF affiliated school. The Academic Affairs Division serves as the USAFSAM Affiliated School Liaison to CCAF.

Contact Information

Academic Affairs Division
2510 Fifth Street, Bldg 840, Rm 423
Wright-Patterson AFB, OH 45433

* Division Chief-938-2969
* Lead ISS - 938-3135
     * ED - 938-2995|3135
     * ET - 938-3232|2881
     * FE - 938-2881|3232|3814
     * OE - 938-3504|2995
     * PH - 938-2995|3504|3814
* Testing Technicians - 938-3134|2605|2603
* Training Technician - 938-2884