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AFRL/RI Organizations

AFRL/RIB Division Office
Communicates the corporate perspective of RI activities to internal and external customers. Manages the Directorate's technical and investment plans. Provides the S&T strategic planning function and analysis / program tracking activities associated with formulation of technical goals and program execution. Represents the primary focal point for fostering integration, transfer and transition of S&T through partnerships and collaborations with Warfighter, Industry, Academia, National and Service Laboratories, and International communities. Leads the overarching governance for the directorate through management of policies, procedures and processes. 

AFRL/RIE Division, Branch and Section Offices
To lead the discovery, development, and integration of affordable products addressing intelligence community technology requirements for our air, space, and cyberspace force. The division also conducts selected acquisition programs for low-volume, limited quantity systems for the intelligence community.

AFRL/RIF Division and Branch Offices
This office serves as financial advisor and counselor in business management matters to the director and staff. It also determines comptroller policies and procedures pertaining to the establishment and management of budgeting, accounting services, program cost analysis, program and statistical reporting, and management information.

AFRL/RIG Division, Branch and Section Offices
To lead research, development and integration of affordable information exploitation and cyber technologies for transition to our air, space and cyberspace forces.

AFRL/RIJ Division Office
To deliver can-do, expert and timely legal advice that enables S&Es to explore, prototype, and demonstrate high-impact, game changing technologies that enable the Air Force and Nation to maintain its superior technical advantage.

Contact Information:
Email: AFRL.RIJ@us.af.mil
Phone: (315) 330-2087
DSN: 587-2087
Fax: (315) 330-7583
DSN Fax: 587-7583

AFRL/RIK Division and Branch Offices
Supports the Information Directorate in three primary ways: Negotiates, awards and administers; (1) contracts for research, development and systems; (2) assistance instruments to support and stimulate research for the public good; and (3) purchase orders, contracts and other acquisition instruments for operational support in the form of supplies, services and construction.

AFRL/RIO Division, Branch and Section Offices
Sustain and support installation operations for the Rome Research Site community by delivering quality facilities, environmental services, communication and information systems, logistics activities, force protection, and human resource services, enabling the AFRL Information Directorate to develop, field, facilitate and sustain war-winning capabilities and provide effective mission support.

AFRL/RIS Division, Branch and Section Offices
To lead the discovery, development, and integration of innovative technologies and systems that provide state-of-the-art, integrated command and control and information management technologies for Air Force and joint warfighters.

AFRL/RIT Division and Branch Offices
To lead the discovery, development and integration of affordable computing, networking, and communications technologies for our air, space and cyberspace forces.

AFRL/RIZ Division Office

To create technological advancements through development, integration and transition of C4I technologies that enable warfighting operations for our air, space, and cyberspace force.

Contact Information:
Email: AFRL.RIZ.Office@us.af.mil
Phone: (315) 330-4157
DSN: 587-4157
Fax: (315) 330-7899
DSN Fax: 587-7899