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WPMC - Optometry Clinic

Optometry Clinic
Location: Main Hospital, Bldg 830,  2nd Floor (above the MRI Clinic)
Telephone: (937) 257-9309; Fax 257-9314 
Appointments: 1-877-522-3600 or via www.TRICAREONLINE.COM.

Optometry Satellite Clinic 

: Occupational Medicine Clinic, Area B, Bldg 675, 1st Floor
Telephone: (937) 904-8428); Fax 257-8427
Appointments: 1-877-522-3600 or via www.TRICAREONLINE.COM

Hours of Operation:
Monday through Friday: 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
*Note: Both clinics are closed for weekends and holidays, for certain official functions, and 11:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. for military training the first Thursday of each month.


All routine eye appointments are scheduled through the Tricare appointment system by calling 1-877-522-3600 or booked through TRICAREONLINE.COM.

Appointments are offered to all active duty and any TRICARE Prime member (active duty family members or retirees and their family members) enrolled to Wright-Patterson. If a suitable appointment is unavailable, the TRICARE Service Center can assist the non-active duty member in using their TRICARE enhanced benefits to access civilian local network optometry providers within the constraints of the individual's TRICARE benefit. 

NOTE: Active Duty members are not authorized to utilize civilian optometrists and must be seen on base. 


Optometry provides primary eye care and spectacle prescription services to all active duty members and to Prime beneficiaries on a priority basis. All other patient categories are seen on a space-available basis.

Corneal Refractive Laser Surgery

Active duty non flying personnel assigned to Wright-Patterson AFB are encouraged to read the information at the United States Air Force Refractive Surgery homepage at: http://airforcemedicine.afms.mil/USAF-RS.

Aviators interested in the Corneal Refractive Laser Surgery Program must begin the process with a request through their flight surgeon.

Members interested in refractive surgery need to be referred to the warfighter laser surgery center by their eye doctor who is responsible for completing the referral form below (see documents section). In addition, flying personnel will also need approval from their flight surgeon and the Aeromedical Consultation Service at Brooks Air Force Base, Texas. Additional information on refractive surgery and Air Force policy can be found at the Air Force Medical Service link below and additional information on the other links listed.

Basic informational briefings are held the first and third Tuesdays of the month in the Wright-Patterson Medical Center auditorium (Bldg 830, room BNN1) from 1 - 2 p.m. This free briefing is open to any interested active duty member but is required for all patients considering refractive surgery at the center. Individuals assigned to other bases and posts should attend scheduled informational briefings as advertised in your base/post paper or other official communications media.

Pertinent documents to review and complete:

WPAFB Warfighter Laser Surgery Center FAQs    2004 Corneal Refractive Surgery Policy 
1 Jul 02 Clarification of Qualifying Aviators Policy  2007 Corneal Refractive Surgery Policy  
Warfighter Laser Surgery Center Patient Information Sheet    Refractive Surgery Managed Care Agreement 
Commanders Authorization USAF Refractive Surgery Program  PRK Pre-Op Instructions WPAFB 
LASIK Post-Op Instructions WPAFB  PRK Post-Op Instructions WPAFB  
LASIK Pre-Op Instructions WPAFB  

a. Attended the Warfighter Laser Surgery Information briefing (held every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month)
b. Have obtained squadron commander written permission
c. Active duty only assigned to Wright Patterson
d. Sufficient documented (not projected) retainability at time of surgery 
Walk-In Services: Drivers license exams, occupational vision screenings, spectacle adjustments, repairs and ordering of military eye glasses and gas mask inserts. Civilian spectacles may not be repaired or adjusted.

Contacts/Glasses: Current contact lens wearers may receive a contact lens prescription update during a routine eye exam if requested and not contra-indicated. Contact lens wearers should wear their contact lenses to the eye exam, and should also bring their glasses, contact lens prescription, contact lens case and solutions with them. Patients who desire to be fit with contact lenses for the first time must see a civilian provider (note: this not a covered TRICARE benefit)

Pupil dilation: All patients should be prepared for pupil dilation. They should bring sunglasses and consider arrangements for a driver.


Children: Please do not bring children to your appointment unless they also have an appointment. 

Optometry Externs: The Optometry Clinic utilizes Optometry students in their final year of school. These externs are under the direct supervision of a fully credentialed and licensed Optometrist. If you are booked with an externs and do not wish to be, please inform the booking clerk and we will be happy to reschedule your appointment with one of the other providers. 


Please remember to bring your ID card. If your medical records are not maintained at Wright-Patterson, please bring them with you for the appointment.