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T2 - White Paper Checklist


1) Name of the principal investigator/point of contact:
a. Name and title (Dr., Mr., Mrs., Ms.)
b. E-mail address
c. Phone number (with area code)
d. Company name
e. Address
f. Number of employees
g. General research areas (list briefly)

2) Title of the project you want help developing.

3) Provide a two or three paragraph executive summary (non-technical terms) about your research and your vision of a way forward.

4) Who has the rights to use the technology?
a. Name, address, e-mail, phone number (Same, if same as person in #2).
b. List any applicable patent numbers
c. List any provisional patents
d. List any invention disclosures
e. List any trade secrets, trademarks held, etc that protect this information.

5) What do you want the Air Force to help you do? Select all that apply.
a. Develop your technology
b. Utilize AF test facilities
c. Assistance designing/constructing a prototype
d. Validation testing of a prototype
e. Manufacturing assistance
f. Looking for AF technology to license (list a specific technology area)
g. Assistance with licensing your technology

6) The Technology Transfer Program Office by law cannot provide funding. If you are interested in funding, there are options available. Pursue all that are appropriate.
a. Google Broad Agency Announcement and search DOD, AF, Navy, etc for opportunities within your technology areas.
b. Contact the Small Business Innovation Research/Small Technology Transfer Research at their website, www.sbir.gov
c. Contact the World's Best Technology Innovation Marketplace at their website, www.wbtshowcase.com
d. Contact the National Association of Seed and Venture Funds at their website, www.nasvf.org
e. Apply for a technology challenge cash award at their website, www.innocentive.com.