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AFICC - Contracting Business Opportunities

· All AFICC opportunities (Requests for Information, contract solicitations, etc.) are posted electronically on the Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) website. You may search for opportunities at the following link: AFICC on FBO.

· This list is provided to assist you with your search; however, it is your responsibility to conduct searches on FBO to make sure this list is all inclusive.

· Once you have located the page with all AFICC business opportunities, we recommend that you use the keyword search capability to filter the listed opportunities to those that fit your business interests. The following are examples for using the keyword search capability:

· Insert the applicable "DoDAAC" code (see chart below)
· Insert the applicable NAICS code or category of product or service you provide
· Use the "Keyword" search capability. For example, type in the word "furniture" if you supply modular furniture; or "medical" if you provide medical services, etc.
· Search by AFICC Location: Europe, PACAF, or CONUS

Areas Supported DoDAAC AFICC Office Symbol AFICCContracting Site
AFCEC East FA8051 772 ESS Tyndall Air Force Base, Fla
AFCEC West FA8903 772 ESS Port San Antonio, Texas
AFMSA - Air Force Medical Support Agency FA8052 773 ESS Port San Antonio, Texas
AFMOA - Air Force Medical Operations Agency FA8052 773 ESS Port San Antonio, Texas
DTIC - Defense Technical Information Center FA8075 AFICC/KD Offutt Air Force Base
SPCC - Security and Protection Category Council FA8054 771 ESS JBSA (Lackland), Texas and Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio
ITCC - Information Technology Category Council FA8055 771 ESS Maxwell Gunter Annex, Ala
FCCC - Facilities and Construction Category Council FA8056 771 ESS Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio
FCCC - Facilities and Construction Category Council FA8057 771 ESS Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio
PSCC - Professional Services Category Council FA8059 771 ESS Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio
AFICC/KH (PACAF) FA5215 766 ESS JBPH-Hickam, Hawaii
AFICC/KM (AMC) FA4452 763 ESS Scott Air Force Base, Ill
AFICC/KO (AFSOC) FA0021 765 ESS Hurlburt Field, Fla
AFICC/KT (AETC) FA3002 338 ESS JBSA (Randolph), Texas
AFICC/KG (GSC) FA6800 AFICC/KGQ Barksdale Air Force Base, La
AFICC/KU (USAFE) FA5641 764 ESS Ramstein Air Base, GE
AFICC/KS (SPC)     Peterson Air Force Base, Colo
AFICC/KC (ACC)     JB Eustis-Langley, Va