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AFICC - Updates


Mandatory Use of USAF M9 and M4 Training/Qualification Targets Contract (FA8054-17-D-0001)

Effective immediately, if purchasing MP training/evaluation targets and/or M4 rifle/carbine targets for the purpose of the Air Force Qualification Course (AFQC), it is mandatory to purchase and use the targets on contract FA8054-17-D-0001. 

The contract was awarded to Qualification Targets, Inc. with a period of performance from 1 June 2017 to 31 May 2022.

It is authorized to continue use of targets currently in stock. In addition, units many purchase targets from other sources to use for other weapon system AFQCs and proficiency training.

Please direct any questions to Mr. Scott Heise, AFSFC/FPC via phone at DSN: 945-5023, Comm: (210) 925-5023, or by email at scott.heise@us.af.mil



The Fire Emergency Services Personal Protective Equipment (FES PPE) Ensemble Contracts have been awarded! 

The five (5) separate single-award FFP IDIQ contracts listed below were established to provide firefighting equipment to all CONUS/OCONUS USAF installations (i.e., Active, Guard, and Reserve). 

The Mandatory Use Memo is in coordination with SAF/AQC and SAF/IEE.

AFI 32-2001, Fire Emergency Services (FES) Program, is currently being updated to reference all FES PPE strategic contracts as required sources of supply. 

Due to protracted technical issues with FedMall, the Ordering Guide is still in draft form. As an interim solution, a Quick Start Guide has been developed with contractor POCs to facilitate direct purchasing.

FES PPE Ensemble – Structural Firefighting Garments (FA8056-17-D-0001) 
FES PPE Ensemble – Proximity Firefighting Garments (FA8056-17-D-0002)
FES PPE Ensemble – Firefighting Hoods (FA8056-17-D-0003) 
FES PPE Ensemble – Firefighting Helmets (FA8056-17-D-0004)
FES PPE Ensemble – General Purpose Firefighting Boots (FA8056-17-D-0005)

Please direct any questions to Mr. Kevin Herstine, Kevin.Herstine.1@us.af.mil, or Ms. JoAnn Parks, JoAnn.Parks@us.af.mil 

Enterprise Sourcing Notification: FSSI Maintenance, Repair, and Operations Program

‚ÄčThe 771st Enterprise Sourcing Squadron (ESS) has implemented another enterprise sourcing best practice for the Air Force.

GSA’s Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative (FSSI) Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) program has replaced the former Air Force Tools and Parts Program (AFTAPP). The FSSI MRO program consists of nine supplier Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs); eight being small business entities. The FSSI MRO BPAs are divided into three categories: Hardware, Tools and Tool Cabinets, and Paints, Adhesives, and Sealants.

MRO targets two primary audiences: GPC holders and Contracting Officers.

1) GPC holders should make purchases online through GSA Advantage.
2) Contracting Officers should issue RFQs to vendors via GSA Advantage.

Please ensure all installation CONS/CCs and PKOs are provided this information for implementation, and to use as needed for advising Wing leadership. Additional information for FSSI MRO can be found on the AF MRO SharePoint site located HERE or by emailing AFICA.AF.MROprograms@us.af.mil.

AF Seating BPA – Break in Service

The current Air Force Office Seating Program’s Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) expire on 30 Jun 17. All BPA orders must be finalized by this date, but delivery can occur later. There will be a follow-on Seating Program; however 771 ESS anticipates a break in service between in the two programs. Buyers much follow their local buying procedures until the new BPAs are awarded. The mandatory use policy for the Air Force Office Seating Program dated 29 Sept 11 will be temporarily suspended and reinstated in conjunction with the award of the follow-on Seating Program.  Visit the AFICA Launch Pad, HERE to check for frequent updates. Questions may be submitted to the Office Seating mailbox at AFICA.Office.Seating@us.af.mil.