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Dr. Berman is AFOSR's program manager for Molecular Dynamics and Theoretical Chemistry. Dr. Berman's sustained leadership and strong management skills have created highly effective, multidisciplinary Air Force laboratory, university and industry research partnerships. Managing a broadly-based program in experimental physical chemistry and theoretical chemistry, he and his research teams have advanced the understanding of the basic mechanisms involved in chemical reaction dynamics and energy transfer. Many of their research advances have quickly transitioned for broad application in addressing Air Force operational issues in the areas of rocket propellants, aircraft and spacecraft signatures and surveillance, chemical lasers and new materials.

For example, he has guided both Air Force and university laboratory researchers in developing and applying predictive tools to design new materials and improve materials processing and chemical synthesis. He coordinated an interagency atmospheric chemistry program with NASA, the National Science Foundation and the Air Force Phillips Laboratory* that significantly supported the Air Force Space Command. As the AFOSR technology coordinator for High Energy Density Materials, he assembled a Phillips Laboratory/university team that has earned the Air Force an international reputation as a scientific leader in providing affordable, safe access to space.

He nurtures research teams, serves as mentor and inspires a commitment to scientific excellence. Four of his Air Force laboratory programs have earned recognition as AFOSR Star Teams for performing world-class research. He also serves as the Air Force representative for the Chemistry Scientific Planning Group for DoD's Science and Technology Reliance Basic Research Panel. He frequently participates in government review panels and advisory boards, and has been active as session chair and presenter at national and international meetings.

Dr. Berman has more than two decades of experience in scientific research and management in academia, industry and government. He is the author of 35 published scientific papers and is a member of the American Chemical Society, American Physical Society and Sigma Xi.

Dr. Berman joined AFOSR in 1991. He is a staff member of the Directorate of Chemistry and Life Sciences.

*(The Air Force Phillips Laboratory became part of the Air Force Research Laboratory in 1997.)

(Published February 1995)