88th Air Base Wing Equal Opportunity

88th ABW EO

It is the policy of the Air Force to provide equal treatment and employment opportunity thereby enhancing unit cohesiveness, military readiness, and mission accomplishment. 

It is imperative each member at Wright-Patterson AFB be proactive at all times to help ERADICATE every form of unlawful discrimination. 


88th ABW EO Address:

5215 Thurlow Street, Suite 4 (Area A)
Bldg. 70, Door 10
Comm 937-257-2789 / DSN 787-2789
Customer Service Hours: Monday-Friday 0800-1600
By Appointment Only


88th ABW EO Personnel:


Mr. Brad White


TSgt Friederike Cavier


TSgt Jonathan Graham

EO Specialists:

Ms. Tamara Cook

Ms. Lacey Schafer

TSgt Marica Moore

TSgt Joshua Wilson


445th Airlift Wing EO

445th AW EO:
445th AW EO Personnel:

5514 McCormick Avenue
Comm 937 -257- 0237 / DSN 787- 0237


Maj Audric Bills, Director
MSgt Precious Sims, EO Specialist
TSgt Asia Jones, EO Specialis

Additional Contact Info

Affirmative Employment Manager:                                            Air Force Discrimination/Sexual Harassment       
2000 Allbrook Drive, Bldg. 2 (Area A)                                            24-Hour Hotline: 1-888-231-4058
Comm: 937-904-3308 / DSN 674-3308

Everyone's Role


Services Provided

  • Human Relations Education
  • Military and Civilian Complaint Processing
  • Climate Assessments
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Equal Opportunity Treatment Incident

Types of Discrimination

Race, Color, Religion, National Origin, Sex (to include Sexual Harassment, Pregnancy, Sexual Orientation, and Gender Identity), Hazing, and Bullying.

Additional Types for Civilians Include:

Age (40+), Disability (Mental/Physical), Reprisal, and Genetic Information

Who Can FIle

Military: Active Duty, Dependents, Retirees

Civilian: AF Civilian Employees, Former Civilian Employees, AF Applicants for Employment


Military members must file within 60 calendar days of the alleged offense.

Civilian Employees must file within 45 calendar days of the alleged offense.