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1. Do you have a list of phone numbers for key medical and service facilities at Wright-Pat ?

Here is a list of frequently requested base telephone numbers. Note that Wright-Patterson is in commercial area code 937, and the base uses several local exchanges. Effective Aug. 1, 2014, seven digit dialing is required for all Wright-Patterson Air Force Base lines.  Local commercial exchange and their Defense Switching Network (DSN) equivalents are listed here:

255-xxxx = DSN 785-xxxx
257-xxxx = DSN 787-xxxx
522-xxxx = DSN 672-xxxx
528-xxxx = DSN 798-xxxx
656-xxxx = DSN 986-xxxx
713-xxxx = DSN 713-xxxx
904-xxxx = DSN 674-xxxx
938-xxxx = DSN 798-xxxx



The Air Force Office of Special Investigations Eagle Eyes program is similar to a community neighborhood watch for installation personnel. Help protect our people and resources. To report suspicious activity dial 257-EYES.

Please note while normal duty hours for many base activities is Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 pm., hours for medical, service and other support agencies do vary and are subject to change.

Directories & Operators

Airmen Against Drunk Driving Need-A-Ride Line: 937-257-7433

Base Operator: 937-257-1110

Local Directory Assistance: 937-555-1212

AT&T Collect (Calling Cards) for WPAFB: 1-800-225-5288

Airfield Management

Main Desk: 937-257-2131


Wright-Patt Credit Union (Area A, HQ AFMC, Bldg. 262): 937-256-5470

Wright-Patt Credit Union (Area B, ASC): 937-256-2157

Wright-Patt Credit Union (Kittyhawk): 937-878-3077

Chase Bank (Kittyhawk): 937-443-6350

Base Housing

Housing Office: 937-257-6547

Facilities/Utilities: 937-257-3131

Maintenance for the Properties at Wright Field: 937-253-3488

Maintenance for Brick Quarters, Green Acres & Pine Estates: 937-425-0098

Housing Privatization: 937-255-3319

Commercial Travel Office (Official Travel): 1-855-794-4306

Education & Training: 937-904-4801

Education Outreach Office: 937-656-2273

Employment & Personnel

Air Force Worldwide Personnel Locator: (210) 565-2660

Civilian Personnel: 937-257-8305

Military Personnel: 937-257-2547

ID Cards: 937-257-2547 Option 0

Civilian Pay: 937-257-6671

Military Pay: email: payhelp@wpafb.af.mil

Employee Assistance Program: (800) 222-0364

Pass & Registration: 937-257-6506

NAF Human Resources Office: 937-257-4173

Family Life

Chaplain: 937-257-7427

Airman and Family Readiness Center: 937-257-3592

Family Advocacy: 937-257-4608

Kittyhawk Hourly Care: 937-257-1086

Child Care Resource and Referral: 937-255-6384

Wright Care Child Development Center: 937-904-8055

New Horizons Child Development Center: 937-904-1433

Wright Field South Child Development Center: 937-255-6463

Wright Field North Child Development Center: 937-255-6254

Family Child Care: 937-986-4385

Prairies School Age Program: 937-255-5053

Kittyhawk School Age Program: 937-257-1086

Finance: email: payhelp@wpafb.af.mil

Fire Department (non-emergency): 937-257-3033

Income Tax Assistance Center: 937-656-1423

Law Enforcement & Legal

Pass & Registration (Bldg 286): 937-257-6506

Law Enforcement Desk: 937-257-6516

Security Forces/Security Police: 937-904-2923

Legal Assistance: 937-257-6142

Claims Office: 937-257-6142

Office of Special Investigations: 937-257-3000 or 937-257-6841


Hope Hotel & Conference Center: 937-257-1285

Wright-Patt Inns: 937-257-3451 or 937-257-3810

Medical Center

Information Desk: 257-0837

Pharmacy:  937-257-9032

Click for more WPMC phone numbers

Office/Base Services

Defense Reutilization & Marketing Office (DRMO): 937-257-4291

Passenger Terminal:

Main line 937-257-7741 or 937-257-6235 (Recording)

Space Available Flights: 937-257-6235 (Recording)

Public Information

Public Affairs: 937-522-3252

Skywrighter Newspaper: 937-522-3251

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Office: 937-522-3095

Recreation & Services

National Museum of the United States Air Force: 937-255-3286

IMAX Theater: 937-253-IMAX

Services Division

Arts & Crafts Center: 937-257-7025

Auto Hobby Shop: 937-257-3310

Base Library: 937-257-4815

Base Recycling Center: 937-257-5060

Base Theater: 937-257-4697

Bowling Alley: 937-257-7796

Community & Airmen Center: 937-257-6231

Dodge Gym: 937-257-4225

Dining Hall: 937-257-7151

Family Camp: 937-257-2579

Flywright Club: 937-255-2794

Health & Wellness Center: 937-904-9358

Area A Health Club: 937-257-4402

ITT Information Tickets & Travel: 937-257-7670

Outdoor Recreation: 937-257-9889

Patterson Pool: 937-257-3764

Prairies Pool: 937-255-8566

Prairie Trace Golf Club: 937-257-7961

Rod & Gun Club: 937-257-3935

Tennis Club: 937-257-7248

Twin Base Golf Club: 937-257-4130

USAF Marathon Office: 937-257-4350

Veterinary Clinic: 937-257-6853

Wright Field Fitness Center: 937-255-1961

Wright-Patt Club: 937-257-9762

Youth Center: 937-255-5053

Youth Sports Office: 937-255-5053

Sexual Assault Response Coordinator Helpline (24x7): 937-257-7272


Base Exchange: 937-879-5730 x200

Base Service Station (Kittyhawk): 937-878-8218

Commissary: 257-2060 or 937-257-7420

Class Six: 937-878-8831

Home & Garden/Four Seasons: 937-878-8831

Military Clothing Sales: 937-257-2800

Thrift Shop: 937-879-5630

Suicide Prevention Hotline (24/7): 937-229-7777

Base Taxi (On-base official transport): 937-257-3755

Transportation Management (TMO): 937-257-2153

Tax Center: 937-656-1423

Weather Information

Base Weather Station Operations: 937-257-7779

Air Force Weather Agency, Detachment 3: 937-255-2207

Snow/Base Closure Hotline: 937-656-7669 (Recording)

Snow Removal: 937-257-7233

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