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Posted 6/11/2008 Printable Fact Sheet

Privatized Housing Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I apply for privatized housing?
Just like applying for regular base housing. You need to submit a housing application (DD Form 1746) along with a copy of your orders assigning you to the Wright-Patt area to the base housing office. If all your dependants are not shown on your orders, you need to attach a copy of your DEERS statement or any legal documents where you acquired the dependant (i.e., marriage certificate, birth certificate, custody paperwork). The housing personnel will verify your eligibility and bedroom requirement and will send the developer a referral form so that you can then start working directly with them. 

2. How do I find listings of rentals or sales in the local area around Wright-Patt?
The Automated Housing Referral Network (AHRN) is available to you. the AHRN website at http://www.ahrn.com/  

3. What does privatization mean to me? Will it affect quality of service? Will it affect my pocketbook?
The goal for privatized housing is to provide military families access to safe, quality and well maintained, affordable housing in a community where they will choose to live. The Properties at Wright Field provides maintenance services in accordance with standards set forth in the request for proposal. The goal for all Air Force Military Family Housing privatization is "$0" out-of-pocket expense. Yes, it could change but we will continue to focus on the Air Force goal.

4. How will rental rates be determined?
Your housing will initially be based on your grade and your family size. Most privatized units will be pre-designed for specific ranks. Rent is dependent upon on your authorized Basic Allowance for Housing.

5. If a military member is married to a military member and they are authorized dual BAH, will they be assessed both BAH allowances if they elect to live in privatized housing?
Both members will draw BAH, but and only one BAH (rent) will be paid. If member's ranks are different, the BAH rent paid will be based on the higher ranking service member.

6. How much will utilities cost?
Units are individually metered and the developer subtracts 110% of the estimated utility costs based on unit type. Judicious use of utilities should enable the 110% retained by the member to cover the use of utilities.
7. If I am a Tech. Sgt. living next door to a Senior Airman and we both have the same type unit, will be paying different rental amounts?
Yes. Rent = your BAH. BAH is based on your rank. This is no different than living in base housing today and forfeiting different BAH amounts.

8. If a civilian moves into privatized housing, what will their rent be? At what point will civilians be allowed to move into housing?
If the occupancy rate drops below 95% for more than 3 consecutive months, the developer can move someone in from the "other" referral list. There are several groups (other Active duty, Military Reserve, Guard, Federal Civil Service, etc.) eligible for assignment before the developer can actually go to the general public. The rent to members of the general public is based on prevailing market rent for similar housing in the local area. 

9. How does the privatization office intend to handle units for handicap accessibility?
The developer has handicap accessible units in compliance with all applicable federal and county codes, regulations and standards available for rent.

10. What feedback mechanisms will be in place during performance under the privatization program? How will residents voice concerns over responsiveness and how will the Air Force ensure performance standards?
A Management Review Committee has been established which includes representatives from the Developer, Wing Commander's office, Base Housing office and residents. Occupants can contact the developer's management team at 253-6009 or discuss their issues with the Housing Privatization office at 656-3501.

11. Will trash pick-up be included in the rent?
Rent will include trash pick-up, water and sewer.

12. Is yard maintenance included in the rent?
Yard maintenance is not included in rent. Common areas are the responsibility of the developer.

13. Will the residents (members) be required to have renter's insurance?
Although it is not required, having renter's insurance is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to protect your property and cover any liability that you might incur to the developer.

14. Will residents have to purchase items from the self-help store?
No. The developer provides a self-help store similar to the one formerly operated for Military Family Housing.

15. In the future, after this is all in place and the Air Force does another cost of living analysis for folks living off base, how will this affect the BAH for folks living in this area?
If rental rates in the local community go down, BAH will also probably also go down. 

16. Will residents be assessed pet fees?
The WPAFB solicitation documents specifically state: "There shall be no pet deposits for up to two pets." In the event any damage is caused by your pet, the member will be charged accordingly. A deposit equal to one-half of the monthly rental fee is charged for each additional pet.

17. Will a security deposit be required?
Security deposits will not be required if monthly rent is paid by allotment.

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Wright-Patterson AFB Housing Office
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