T2 - Patent Summaries


The Air Force uses patent licensing agreements to allow businesses and individuals to manufacture, sell or incorporate Air Force technology into their own products. For companies without a large research and development budget access to these technologies can be greatly beneficial. The technology excerpts below are patented by the Air Force and available for licensing. For a complete understanding of each technology, please view the patent in its entirety, the documents below are only summaries.

If you have any questions about licensing technology with the Air Force, please contact the Air Force Technology Transfer Program office at 937-904-9830.


90th Information Operations Squadron
Classifying Computer Files as Malware or Whiteware

711th Human Performance Wing
Appendage-Mounted Display Apparatus

Articulating Resistive Conformable Spine

Systems and Methods for Processing Low Contrast Images

Methods of Using Head Related Transfer Function Enhancement for Improved Vertical-Polar Localization in Spatial Audio Systems         
Aerospace Systems Directorate    

Blind Flange Lifting Device

Tailored Interfaces Between Two Dissimilar Nano-Materials and Method of Manufacture

Solid-State Electrolytes for Rechargeable Lithium Batteries


Thermosetting Resins with Enhanced Cure Characteristics Containing Organofunctional Silane Moieties

Curved Laser Sheets for Conformal Optical Diagnostics

Modular Deployable Structures

Film Cooling Holes for Gas Turbine Airfoils

Reconfigured Liquid Attenuated Collimator

System and Method for Identifying Electrical Properties of Integrated Circuits

Air Force Civil Engineer Center
Methods for Using Rose Bengal for Detection of Oxidative Decomposition of Contaminant

Microwave Driven Diffusion of Dielectric Nano- and Micro-Particles into Organic Polymers

Air Force Office of Scientific Research
Natural Fiber Welding
Information Directorate

Web Malware Blocking Through Parallel Resource Rendering

Random Number Generator Using Ring Oscillators with Initial Delay

Rank Deficient Decoding of Linear Network Coding

Apparatus for Performing Matrix Vector Multiplication Approximation Using Crossbar Arrays of Resistive Memory Devices

Apparatus and Method to Prevent Side Channel Power Attacks In Advanced Encryption Standard

Non-Integer Oversampled Timing Recovery for Higher Order Quadrature Modulation Communication Systems Using Quadrature and In-Phase Samples

Two Dimensional Photonic Cluster

Two Dimensional Photonic Cluster State Generator

Apparatus and Method - Employing Autonomous Vehicles to Reduce Risk

System and Method for Static and Moving Object Detection

System for Airborne Communications

Floating Point Matrix Multiplication Co-Processor

Method for Context Aware Text Recognition
Method and Apparatus for Event Detection Permitting Per Event Adjustment of False Alarm Rates

Cloud-Based Video Detection and Tracking System


Institute of Surgical Research
Fluoroscopy-Independent Endovascular Aortic Occlusion System 

Materials and Manufacturing Directorate
Reactive Nanocomposites and Methods of Making the Same

Optically Fixable Shape Memory Polymers

Bipolymer-Based Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Materials

Nanoparticle Doped Hybrid Photorefractives

Autonomously tuning Photoconductive and Photovoltaic Light 

Method for Designing Cellular Materials with Tunable Thermal Transport Behaviors

Multifunctional Crosslinkers for Shape-Memory Polyimides, Polyamides and Poly (Amide-Imides) and Methods of Making the Same

Ketoxime and Amide Functionalized Nanomaterials

Sensors Directorate

DNA-Conjugated Polymer Varactors

Intrinsic Physical layer Authentication of Integrated Circuits

Harvesting Single Domain Nanoparticles and their Applications

Fabrication Method for Multi-Zoned and Short Channel Thin Film

Discrimination of Lower-Power Radio Frequency Signals Using Phase Modulation With Injection Locked Lasers 

Cloud-Based Video Detection and Tracking System

Global Navigation Satellite System Signal Decomposition 

Hybrid Signal Detection for dynamic spectrum access

Space Vehicles Directorate

Seeded Raman Amplifier in a Linear Configuration for Generating a 1240 NM Laser

Methods and Apparatus to Achieve Independent Six Degree Control of Flapping Wing Micro Air Vehicle

Controlled Polymerization of Functional Fluorinated Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxane Monomers

Pseudomorphic Glass for Space Solar Cells

Variable Radius Multi-Lamp Illumination System