AFPTEF - C-130 Hercules Adverse Weather Aerial Delivery System (AWADS) Line Replaceable Units (LRU) Family of Containers

C130 shipping container
C130 shipping container CNU-586/E C130 shipping container CNU-587/E
C130 shipping container CNU-588/E  
The APQ-175 AWADS LRU family of Shipping and Storage Containers (CNU-586/E, CNU-587/E, and CNU-588/E) are sealed, welded aluminum, controlled breathing, reusable containers. The containers are engineered for the physical and environmental protection of the AWADS LRU's during worldwide transportation and storage. The containers consists of a base and a completely removable cover equipped with the special features listed below. The base is a one piece skid/double walled base extrusion with forklift openings, humidity indicator, pressure equalizing valve and desiccant port for easy replacement of desiccant (controls dehumidification). A silicone rubber gasket and quick release cam-over-center latches create a water/air-tight seal at the base-cover interface. A polyethylene foam isolation system is adhered to the inside of the container base and cover. The isolation system limits the transmission of shock to the LRU's to 35 Gs.

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