USAFSAM - FCI - Cadre Brief

Air Education and Training Command
Replenishing the Combat Capability of America's Air Force

AFROTC Cadre Brief

Point of Contact
334-953-0263, DSN 493-0263

USAFSAM FCI/MFS Responsibilities
· Provides over 725 USAFSAM appointment slots to AFROTC for completion of IFCI/MFS from April through March of the calendar year.
· Conducts 725+ IFCI/MFS examinations.
· Completes 100% of examinations to provide to HQ AETC/SGPS for final certification.

HQ AFROTC Responsibilities
· Provide a POC to coordinate scheduling appointments with ROTC detachments and to minimize no-shows.
· Ensure detachments are thoroughly briefed on reporting instructions.
· Coordinate with detachments to ensure cadets have the tools needed to complete the pre-examination process.
· Provide detachments with travel orders for cadet to attend examination.
· Liaison between detachments and USAFSAM technicians for questions and/or concerns

Detachment Responsibilities
· Ensure cadets are scheduled an appointment during the examination season - accomplished in WINGS by the Det.
· Arrange mode of transportation to and from Wright Patterson AFB, OH (commercial air or POV)
· Ensure you accomplish orders for your cadets in WINGS.
· Provide all medical documents, for review and certification, to USAFSAM FCI/MFS, at least 45 days before the appointment.
· Ensure cadets are informed of Corneal Refractive Surgery (PRK/LASIK/LASEK/EPI-LASEK) pre/post-examination procedures.
· Contacts lens policy: Soft contact lenses out 30 days/hard contacts out 90 days.
· Must be fasting for 12 hrs and well hydrated on Day 1 of appointment
· Pre-Examination Medical History (DD Form 2807-1
· Personal Data Form
· Privacy Statement/Medical Release
· DODMERB/Prior Exam
· AFROTC Form 46
· Corneal Refractive Surgery (PRK/LASIK/LASEK/EPI-LASEK) medical documents from the surgery center, to include pre-exam, 1 week, 1month, 3 month, 6 month, 12 month follow-up exams (post exam)
· FAA confirmation number (cadet must log-in and fill out the form two weeks prior to arrival). Confirmation numbers are only valid for 60 days.
· Please reference the link below for instructions on how to put the package together:
· Additional instructions for WINGS can be found by clicking this link.

Cadet Responsibilities
· Accurately, complete pre-screening documents as soon as notified of appointment date on-line in PEPP to include Medical History, ROTC Data Form, and FAA MedExpress (medical history & FAA MedExpress will generate keys). FAA Confirmation number is only valid for 60 days.
· Take all information/directions presented by Det NCOs seriously. Failing to follow directions may affect examination and pilot categorization.
· Inform detachment of any medical changes prior to appointment.

FCI Transportation
Currently, we do not have detachment support providing transportation from the airport.

Useful Contact Numbers
· Wright Patterson Lodging (937) 257-3451/5442
· USAFSAM MFS Appointments (937) 938-2647

Cadets will assemble in front of Wright Patterson Inn main lodging facility at 0615 Monday morning for transportation, by cadet driver, to Bldg 840, Area B -- ALL WITH 0700 HRS APPOINTMENT REPORT TIME.
Detachments Do's and Don't
· Do adhere to all messages that pertain to IFCI/MFS procedures from HQ AFROTC (ARMs, emails, etc.)
· Do familiarize yourself with the IFCI/MFS procedure.
· Don't wait until the last minute to set an appointment for your cadet.
· Don't call or email USAFSAM--go through HQ AFROTC!

Q: How do I set IFCI/MFS appointments?
A: In WINGS, go to Training-Assign-IFC Assignments.

Q: When should a cadet complete the pre-screening process?
A: Upon appointment date notification.

Q: How long are the appointments?
A: 3-5 days...add 2 days for travel.

Q: When does the scheduling cycle start and end?
A: Appointments begin in April and end in March the following calendar year.

Q: My cadet had PRK surgery. Is there additional documents, we send to USAFSAM?
A: Yes, at least 45 days before their appointment, they must send all pre-op, post-op, and follow-up PRK records via email or fax.

Q: My cadet wears contacts. Do they need to take them out prior to their appt?
A: Yes. Cadets must remove their contacts 30 days prior for soft contacts and 90 days prior for hard contacts.

Q: What is appropriate attire for my cadet's physical and what does the cadet bring to the appointment?
A: AF PT gear is appropriate attire for the physical; refer to cadet instruction sheet for further guidance.

Q: What documents do the detachments send to USAFSAM?
A: Personal Data Form with the following:
Pre-Examination Medical History (DD Form 2807-1)
Privacy Statement/Medical Release
FAA Confirmation number
Women-Date of last PAP and results/office notes
DODMERB/Prior Exam
AFROTC Form 46
Corneal Refractive Surgery (PRK/LASIK/LASEK/EPI-LASEK) medical documents from the surgery center, to include pre-operative visit, operative report, and 2 post-operative visits (initial post-op refraction must be at least 90 days post-op and the second refraction at least 1 month later)  and corneal topographies.

Q: How do I forward these documents to USAFSAM?
A: Simultaneously as one electronic package vs. piece by piece.
Send to or if scanner is not functioning correctly, fax to (937) 656-4006.